What is Smashing ANTs™

Annoying A.N.T.s

(ANTs = Automatic Non-Supportive Thoughts)


Powerful P.E.T.s

(PETs = Positive Empowering Thoughts)

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Children don’t choose to be pestered by ANTs, but they CAN learn to chase them away with PETs! When a child’s BELIEFS become more positive, positive THOUGHTS, ACTIONS, AND RESULTS come naturally.



ANTs erode a child’s confidence and resilience, contributing to missed opportunities for success in many areas of life. Smashing ANTs™ has a toolkit of ANT Smashing strategies which teach and reinforce:

Andy, our master ANTeater has a Toolkit of ANT Smashing Strategies!

Andy, the Master ANTeater, and the Smashing ANTs Toolkit.


ANT Awareness

How to recognize self-limiting thoughts


How to guard against and talk back to ANTs


Life-skills and tools that can help turn ANTs into Positive Empowering Thoughts instead


Self-reliance to combat peer-pressure that can otherwise lead to unhealthy choices


Strategies for success through conscious choice-making


Children tend to believe whatever pops into their heads. They think, “It MUST be true… I wouldn’t lie to myself!” Many don’t realize that non-supportive thoughts are NOT necessarily true and potentially harmful to their confidence & self-esteem.

Smashing ANTs|Creating PETs teaches children to use their KID POWER to think about their thoughts and to choose strategies that promote positive, effective thoughts instead.



 Why Smashing ANTs™?

  • Everyone has ANTs from time to time. Children tend to believe that their ANTs are true because they typically don’t know to question them.

  • Smashing ANTs teaches children to use their unique ability to think about their thoughts to develop:

    • SELF AWARENESS (noticing when they are being bothered by an ANT)

    • CONSCIOUS CHOICE-MAKING (using their ANT Smashing tools and strategies)

    • CONFIDENCE (knowing they are making healthy choices and creating PETs, Positive Empowering Thoughts, that will propel them toward success in all they do!)

  • Smashing ANTs creatively modifies sophisticated, abstract concepts into wholesome, kid-friendly lessons with cartoon characters that are relatable and entertaining.

  • Smashing ANTs motivates children to learn and use the tools and strategies because they can see that it is in their best interest to do so. Children are more apt to benefit because it’s their choice to Smash ANTs.

Life gets easier & more fun when kids feel comfortable with themselves, even in uncomfortable situations… a true success mentality.

That’s Kid Empowerment!

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If you have good thoughts they will shineKIDS & THEIR PETs ARE MORE  POWERFUL THAN ANTs!

Smashing ANTs™ empowers children to live ANT-free! 

Smashing ANTs Topics:

• Thought Awareness

• Negative Effect of Non-Supportive Thoughts

• Powerful Benefits of Positive Thoughts

• Specific ANTs to Relate to and Guard Against

• Unique ANT Smashing Strategies

• Communication Skills for ANT Prevention


Why can’t parents just ask their kids to stop being negative?

When parents say things like, “of course you can do it,” “stop saying you can’t when I know you can,” or “please be more positive,” children typically get defensive. They don’t like feeling as if they are doing something wrong, especially when they don’t think they are. They believe that they’re feeling how anyone would feel if they were in their shoes. That’s why Smashing ANTs is so helpful. Learning about ANTs and ANT Smashing gives families a new language that allows them to have discussions without the child becoming defensive. Children are motivated to learn the strategies in a way that inspires them to want to apply them.


confidence matters as much as competence


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