Summer Camp Program Details

 Camp Logistics

  • Campers grades 1 – 6

  • One and two-week camps, 9AM – 4PM, Extended day option w/ Camp Plus most weeks

  • Two DISTINCT Sessions – Choose an “A” or a “B” Session or one of each!

  • Two-weekers receive a $50 REBATE

  • Several Howard County locations 

  • New & continuing Kid Empowerment students welcome

  • Small groups ensure an attentive & engaging atmosphere


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A Typical Day at PET POWER! Kid Empowerment & Leadership Camp:

• Fun and enlightening games that teach children how to create PETs, Positive Empowering Thoughts, that chase away ANTs and build confidence, resilience, and a success mentality.

• Energetic and interactive group activities that reinforce PET techniques and communication, leadership, and conscious choice-making skills.

• Kids discover & develop valuable leadership qualities and learn to be a leader others want to follow (as well as how to effectively lead themselves), through team activities including discussion groups, brainstorming sessions, problem solving skills, and creating team spirit.

• Animated lessons led by Andy the ANTeater share motivating PET strategies to help kids learn to recognize and use their KID POWER to think and behave in ways that bring results they prefer.

Camp weeks are labled “A” Session OR  “B” Session. One is NOT a prerequisite for the other. Your child can take one or both, in ANY order. See 2018 Summer Camp Schedule & Locations Here.

See 2018 Summer Camp Schedule & Locations Here

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Friday Showcase

  • Each Friday afternoon family & friends of the campers are invited to join us for a showcase. The children perform short skits & presentations, which allow them to share/teach their new skills and strategies. It’s a really fun way to wrap up the week!  Note: Parents are not required to attend the showcase, but are asked to join us if at all possible.

Importance of Program

  • Most children don’t know to question the thoughts that just happen to pop into their head, so they automatically believe that their non-supportive thoughts are true. This program teaches them to use their KID POWER to first notice their ANTs and then to stop their ANTs using PET strategies. That way they can create a life that’s easier, more fun, and they can be comfortable with themselves (even in uncomfortable situations!).
  • The program depicts conceptually sophisticated topics in a tangible, entertaining, and kid-friendly way so children are motivated to want to learn and use these wholesome, valuable life lessons!

Program Facilitators

  • PET Club for Kids facilitators are trained and certified by program author/creator, Nancy Sheain.
  • Program follows the PBIS system of reinforcement, consistent with HCPSS.
  • Facilitators are trained to approach discipline in a kind, but firm manner – No Shame, No Blame, No Fear.

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  • PET Club for Kids is not designed to help with classroom behavior challenges.
  • Summer camp program students are expected to understand and to be willing & able to follow appropriate classroom behaviors; please note that Amazing Futures Foundation reserves the right to dismiss any student who is unwilling or unable to do so, without refund.
  • A reward system is used to help motivate children to “self-regulate” their behavior. This system follows the PBIS model consistent with HCPSS.

Cancellations, Refunds, Late Pickups &
Inclement Weather Policy


  • Cancellations are at the discretion of Amazing Futures Foundation and/or the HoCo R&P Department.
  • If a camp session for which your child is registered is canceled, you will be notified in as timely manner as possible and you will be issued a full refund.

Refunds (other than for cancellations)

  • Our camps are being run by the Howard County R&P – Please check their website regarding refunds. Thanks! Please note that Amazing Futures Foundation reserves the right to dismiss any student who is deemed unwilling or unable to follow appropriate classroom behaviors. We cannot guarantee that R&P will provide a refund in these circumstances. (Please see Classroom Behavior Expectations above).

Late Pickup Fee

  • Parents must pick up their children promptly in order for the instructor to meet his/her next commitment. A late pick-up fee will be assessed at the rate of $5 for up to the first 10 minutes, and $1 per minute for every minute thereafter. We require that the late fee be paid at pickup.

Inclement Weather Policy

  • In the unlikely event that a weather-related issue develops having the potential of affecting a camp session, Amazing Futures Foundation and/or the Howard County Recreation & Parks Department will contact all registrants with the necessary information in as timely a manner as possible.

2018 Camp Schedule & Enrollment Links

More Details About Smashing ANTs & The Power of PETs!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


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